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Mountain Ocean – Coconut Skin Trip

1 Jun

I randomly stumbled across this during one of my Whole Foods skincare forays. I was picking up, sniffing and putting down one product after another (as you do) when I got to this one. And I just couldn’t put it down.

I usually find coconut- and pineapple-scented products to be overly sweet and fake smelling, so I usually avoid them. But this… it’s like bottled coconuts with just a hint of sweetness over top, and it’s intoxicating.

Of course, a delicious scent isn’t all you want in a body cream. You also want it to, you know, moisturize. The good news is that this does that as well. I don’t like really heavy, greasy or sticky creams – this is none of those things. It absorbs quickly, leaves skin feeling soft, and the scent lingers but isn’t too overpowering. According to the website:

“This extremely fast absorbing, non-greasy formula soothes, protects and quickly replenishes needed moisture to dry skin. Blended with Coconut Oil, Aloe Vera, and Lanolin, Skin Trip gives your skin the nutrients it needs and effectively reduces the natural evaporation of moisture from your skin. pH Balanced. Perfect After Sun, After Shower, After Shave, Anytime.”

It’s not heavy enough for really dry skin like hands, feet and elbows, but for general all-over moisture, it’s great. I also find that I love this in summer. Perhaps it’s because I first bought it in summer so it has warm and balmy associations for me, but whatever the reason it is great for the sunny months.


From the French Pharmacie: Physiogel – A.I. Crème

11 Apr

This cream is intended for sufferers of eczema, psoriasis or any other skin condition that leaves skin itchy, delicate and very, very sensitive. It’s hypoallergenic, scent-free and incredibly hydrating and soothing. This appeals to me because even though the sun is making an appearance, it’s still chilly out there and my sensitive, overly dry skin needs some TLC.

I originally heard of this in one of Bubzbeauty’s videos – and on her blog – where she claimed it works wonders on her irritated skin. She won’t use anything else.

According to the product website, A.I. Crème is for:

  •     itchy, irritated and dry skin, such as in atopic dermatitis
  •     sensitive baby and children’s skin

It’s also:

  •     hypoallergenic: no fragrance, preservatives, dyes
  •     contains skin-related lipids, rejuvenate the skin barrier
  •     provides the skin with long-lasting moisture
  •     no emulsifiers, no further drying of the skin
  •     itchy, irritated, inflamed skin is soothed

I don’t have any specific skin complaints at the moment, so I can’t speak to its efficacy in treating severe skin irritations, but I always have sensitive skin and love anything that will soothe and moisturize effectively without being too heavy or perfumed.

I’ve only used this a couple of times so far, but I really like it. It’s quite different in texture to any of the other moisturizers I regularly use. When I apply it to the skin, it glides on effortlessly and almost seems to multiply as I massage it in. I was surprised at how little I needed to cover my entire face in a generous layer, and I love that there’s no tugging or pulling during application which is great considering it’s a cream for such sensitive skin!

You can definitely tell that it’s there, and skin remains tacky for a little while after application, but it’s not overly heavy or uncomfortable. It feels a bit like Embryolisse Baume Riche though perhaps a tad more sticky – and, like the Baume, it absorbs fully by morning if used as a night cream. I wouldn’t recommend using it in the daytime if you plan to use foundation, because it does take awhile to absorb and I feel like it would make skin look a bit too oily and cause foundation to move around. But if your skin is very irritated and you can’t wear makeup anyway, there wouldn’t be any harm in putting a light layer on during the day as well.

I’m pretty impressed with it so far, and if you’re someone who suffers from any type of skin irritation or discomfort – or even if your skin is just a bit on the sensitive side – I’d definitely recommend trying it out.

Winter Essentials!

20 Jan

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a tropical part of the world, you’re in the middle of some cold, wet, dreary months. Aside from the extra layers of clothing needed to brave the increasingly frigid weather, there are some beauty essentials that you’ll need to get you through until spring! Here are the things I just can’t live without when the weather turns!

1. Hand Moisturizer

In addition to the dryness that accompanies the return of cold, I’m plagued with super dry hands during the winter, probably due to having diabetes. This means that not only do my hands get flaky, but if I don’t moisturize regularly, they’ll crack painfully. Further complicating things, I wash my hands all the time to avoid getting sick and HATE the feeling of thick, heavy moisturizer on my skin, particularly because when I touch my face it comes off and makes everything feel oily. So I’m always on the hunt for moisturizer that absorbs quickly, smells good, and, above all, WORKS!! I just discovered Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, which smells amazing and seems to absorb quickly as well. Even better? It’s available at drug stores here in Canada and a 250 mL bottle cost less than $6.00! Another good one is by L’Occitane en Provence (their Shea Butter hand cream is good – my fave was the Desert Rose, but unfortunately it was limited edition!).

2. Lip Balm

I LOVE lip balm. Always have. I’m always trying new kinds, and there are always at least two or three in my purse. I rarely stick with just one kind for long, but my faves at the moment are Jack Black, MAC, and Smith’s Minted Rose.

3. Face Moisturizer

Skin is dry all over – so making sure to keep my face moisturized is pretty important. I find that a good night cream makes all the difference, and this one has been on my bathroom counter for years. 

4. Nails

I like dark nails all year round, but in winter I like them even more. I really love OPI’s I’m With Brad (available at Sephora) which is a dark, shimmery red. (It’s actually darker than it looks in this picture.)

5.  Bright lipstick

As long as you keep chapped lips at bay with a good lip balm, there’s no reason not to wear lipstick through the cold months. In fact, I find that on a wet, dark day, wearing a pop of colour can make all the difference to my mood. I’d like to think it cheers up the people around me, too! MAC Rebel is one of my all-time faves, but a good fuchsia pink or nice classic red work too!

What can’t you live without in the cold months? Share in the comments!