Hopefully you’re enjoying the posts on this blog! I would like to share a bit of information about the content and photos on this blog.

Photos are taken, as much as possible, in natural light, so that the colours you see are as close as possible to how they really look. I take most of the photos myself, so don’t judge too harshly – I’m learning as I go! If I do use a photo from another source (this will generally be because I don’t have the product on hand to take one myself) I will link the image to its source so that you can find the photographer. I find these images using Google searches, so if you ever see one of your photos on my blog and want it removed, just send me a message or leave a comment and I will take it down immediately with apologies!

I’m not affiliated with any cosmetics companies and I’m not a professional makeup artist – just a fellow enthusiast! I review products from my own collection as honestly as possible, based on my experiences with them. I started this blog  because I love makeup and have a lot of fun playing with it, and I hope to share some of my enthusiasm and tips. I welcome feedback, questions and comments!

Over time I’ll review new products as they come out, but for now I’m going back through my collection as the mood strikes me, so some things I’ve had for awhile, while others are brand spankin’ new! Perhaps I’ll revive interest in some old favourites while sharing info on new stuff at the same time.

Because most of the images and content are original, please don’t reproduce either without obtaining permission first.

Thank you and enjoy!

xoxo M.


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