From the French Pharmacie: Bioderma’s Atoderm Line

30 Mar

Most of you probably know Bioderma for its Sensibio solution – the gentle make-up remover popular with make-up artists, models and skincare aficionados the world over. But that’s not all the brand does – they also have a bunch of other products that are gentle and effective.

Their Atoderm line is one I’ve tried a few products from. First is the Adoterm Ultra-Rich Foaming Gel. This comes in a huge tube and is suitable for use on those with sensitive skin – including children.

It’s a blue gel that doesn’t have much of a scent and doesn’t really foam up much. It is very gentle – I have delicate and dry skin in the winter and this didn’t cause it to feel tight or over-washed. And because it comes in such a huge tube, it will last for a very long time.

I decided to try the Atoderm Repair Hand Cream because of my positive experiences with the face cleanser. I have to say, though, this didn’t live up to the cleanser.

Sure, it’s gentle and doesn’t have any strong perfumes to irritate the skin or nose, but it also doesn’t feel great on the skin. I found that most of it absorbs almost instantly, but it leaves a sort of sticky residue. Not oily, just sticky and unpleasant. I won’t be finishing the tube, because I just can’t stand the texture.

The Atoderm Lip Balm is the final product from this particular line that I tried, and I’m pleased to say that this went down a lot better than the hand cream! No scent or taste, soft enough to apply without tugging, but non-greasy and absorbs immediately.

I like that it comes in a tube with an angled applicator which makes application easy, and I found that it left my lips soft and moisturized. It doesn’t last as long as Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm, but not many do. This would be a great one for kids who don’t like smelly or greasy products on chapped lips, or for men who don’t want something shiny or sweet-flavoured. Two thumbs up.

*Update: After writing this post I ended up buying the Atoderm Lip Balm that comes in a stick rather than a tube. Here it is:

I fully expected it to be like the tube – scent-free, softening but perhaps a little bit slicker. I was way wrong. It’s actually closer to Amilab. It’s quite a bit softer than you generally expect of a stick lip balm, and it definitely has a scent. I quite like it, though I would like it better if it weren’t quite so strong. I tried for the last two days to figure out what exactly the smell reminded me of, and it finally hit me: gummy bears. Yeah, weird, right? Anyway, I don’t mind the scent, and I find it softening and hydrating. It’s not my favourite, but it’s definitely better than most!


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