From the French Pharmacie: Roger & Gallet Crème Sublime Bois D’Orange

23 Mar

Roger & Gallet is a legendary French perfumerie, first established in 1862. They were the first to synthesize violet as a perfume scent, and currently have about 24 different perfumes. They also have an extensive catalogue of soaps, shower gels, lotions, oils – even shaving creams.

I was, I admit, won over by the romantic idea of a product steeped in so much history – and French perfumerie history, at that! I stumbled across this in a couple of reviews, and decided to give it a try.

I wanted to fall in love with this. I really did. And to a certain extend, I’m still bewitched by the packaging and the idea of it… but the actual product is just okay. I am often quite sensitive to scents, so strong perfumes can be difficult for me. I guess I should have realized that a perfume company’s cream would be more heavily scented than, say, Caudalie, but I didn’t really think about it.

That said, though a bit strong for my tastes, the smell is nice. It has a deep, almost musky or amber-y bottom note layered with a hint of citrus. The cream itself isn’t too thick, and while it’s not as moisturizing as a few of my favourites, if you don’t suffer from overly dry skin it will definitely do the job. I’ll use it – a bit at a time – but I don’t think I’ll re-purchase.

One final thing – and I didn’t realize this until I started  doing more in-depth research for this post, but the company was bought by L’Oreal, who I generally avoid purchasing from. So not thrilled about that either.

If you are a big perfume-lover, or if you are likewise bewitched by the idea of using products from one of France’s oldest perfumeries, this might be a wonderful treat, but if your nose is sensitive or if you’re not a fan of L’Oreal, give this one a miss.


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