85th Annual Academy Awards of Beauty

26 Feb

This year’s Academy Awards, hosted by Seth MacFarlane, had a few memorable moments. Jennifer Lawrence’s fall, each and every one of MacFarlane’s completely inappropriate jokes… but that’s not what I’m going to chat about. This post is all about the makeup. My faves, in no particular order:

Halle Berry

This year my favourites were all about the natural look (with a few exceptions). Berry rocked that short ‘do and I love the understated lip and smoldering eyes.

Anne Hathaway

I’m not a huge fan of Anne Hathaway. Quite frankly, she annoys me. But she was ok as catwoman, and I can’t deny that she looked great at the Academy Awards this year.

Naomi Watts

I love this lady. Have done every since she was the super-sexy Jet in Tank Girl (yeah, I know, I’m old.) This year I loved her beachy, messy hair and simple makeup – she just looked flawless.


I always love Adele’s look. ’60s glamour with the liquid liner and dramatic eyelashes… you just can’t go wrong.

Sandra Bullock

 Sandra’s simple hair and understated makeup created a look that was effortlessly glamorous. That barette behind her ear is the perfect embellishment. 

Charlize Theron

Few can pull off the pixie cut on the red carpet, but Charlize was stunning. I’ve always thought she was one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, and her look this year only served to augment that opinion. 

Amy Adams

This girl is such an effortless beauty. She’s got that kind of beauty that you don’t really notice at first ‘cos it’s understated, but once you notice it, you can’t exactly UN-notice it. Know what I mean? She looked absolutely stunning on the red carpet – and my god I’d kill for her skin!

Jennifer Lawrence

On top of winning an oscar, this girl looked fantastic and gave one of the bitchin‘-est post-Oscar interviews ever.

Kerry Washington

Every time I watch Scandal, I basically spend 45 minutes wondering what the hell this girl’s skincare regime consists of. Diamond lotion? Milk and honey baths? Virgin sacrifice? Whatever it is, it works. 

Salma Hayek

Salma’s queen of the smoldering dark eye and flawless golden complexion. And she’s curvy in all the right places. 

Jessica Chastain

I’m kinda “meh” about her, but I have to admit, she looked pretty put together on the red carpet!

Kristen Stewart

Kristen’s endured a lot of flack for taking casual too far with that ‘do. Personally, though, I don’t see the problem. She wore a dress, right?

Jennifer Aniston

Again with the casual hair that got ragged on – but I love it. And, as always, Aniston‘s skin and overall makeup are laid back but flawless. 

And an honourable mention just cos he’s dapper: Joseph Gordon Levitt

 Nothing to do with makeup, but  he’s just... gorgeous.

That’s it for the 85th Annual Academy Awards. What were your favourites and least favourites? Share in the comments!


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