Chanel – Taupe Grisé

14 Jan

I’ve been lusting after this forever, but it’s SO EXPENSIVE! Fortunately I managed to find a tester online (so before you ask, no, that’s not what the packaging actually looks like) for much less so I could give it a try.

This is a lovely mauved grey/brown with a hint of shimmer that blends really well into the lashline for a smokey eye or over the lid for a more night-out look. It’s pretty pigmented and blends about as well as your average MAC shadow.

Here’s what it looks like without eyeshadow base:

I don’t know if I’d every buy it retail price – probably not. It’s a nice shade and somewhat unique, but there are enough similar shades that are much more affordable that I don’t think it’s a must-have for the price.

Some similar dupes are: MAC Moth Brown, MAC Unflappable, MAC pigment in Deceit, Bobbi Brown shadow in After Hours. Unfortunately a lot of those are limited edition, but at least Unflappable and Deceit are still available on All Cosmetics Wholesale, so head over and check them out if this shade looks enticing.

Last word – I like this, and I’ll definitely get a lot of use out of it, but I won’t be replacing it once it’s gone.


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