MAC – Eyeshadow in Bitter

20 Oct
Every makeup enthusiast needs a bright lime green shadow. Right? That’s what I thought. I decided to try this one out, because I like that it is a little more yellow toned than a lot of greens out there. It’s a velvet finish, too, so it’s not quite as flat of a colour as a lot of the matte bright shades.
I have to admit, however, that it was much cooler as an idea than an actual purchase – I’ve played with it, but haven’t yet found a look I’d want to wear out of the house! It can work well as a liner – I like it as a second line above an intense black liner. It looks particularly stunning on ladies (and fellas 😉 with darker skin tones, because the contrast will really make it pop!
The final verdict? Easier to work with than a matte bright, gorgeous if used sparingly, but definitely not for everyone!

Packaging: 4/5 

Product quality: 4/5
Worth the price? If you are a fan of bright colours or a pro, this will be totally worth it.
Would I purchase again? I honestly don’t see myself getting a lot of use out of this one, so probably not.

Cruelty-Free? Yes – appears on PETA’s Cruelty-Free list.
Where to find it: MAC in store and online.

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