Fave Makeup Guru – Lisa Eldridge

9 Aug

Any self-respecting makeup fanatic has spent countless hours browsing through the endless makeup review, haul and how-to videos on YouTube. There are many wonderful makeup gurus out there, and it’s hard to pick a favourite – but if I absolutely had to, Lisa Eldridge would be it.

Not only are her videos easy to follow and guaranteed to feature a classy and gorgeous look, but they’re high quality, well-lit and excellently edited. The British accent doesn’t hurt, either.

Lisa Eldridge has an impressive background and client list – featuring the like of Cheryl Cole and Katy Perry – and has an obvious passion for her craft. Some of my favourite videos aren’t tutorials, they’re interviews with historian Madeleine Marsh, who has an extensive and fascinating (to any makeup junkie) collection of makeup stretching back through time into the Victorian era. Here they are (I’ve corrected her misplaced apostrophes. Had to.):

Part 1:Victorian Era to 1930s

Part 2: Vintage Makeup 1940s – 1970s

And finally, here is a video where she showcases some vintage items from her own collection:

Vintage Make-Up… I Love It!

I’m sure I’ll feature some of her tutorials in upcoming posts, but I highly recommend checking out her site for yourself, or visit her YouTube channel. You won’t regret it!


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