MAC Big Bounce Mousse Eyeshadows

2 May
  Photo: Temptalia. I didn’t buy them all so I can’t take a photo of all of them! Click image to visit her site and read her review!

I was super excited when I first saw these on the MAC website. I thought, cool, cream shadows in pots that are easier to spread than the paint pots! I’m in! 

Not so much. These look great in the jar, and they do spread easily – but there’s nothing there, even when you’ve applied several layers! And they are so very liquidy that it’s really hard to build the colour at all because they take FOR-FRIKEN-EVER to dry! 

Now, that said, if you’re someone who likes to apply makeup so-natural-it’s-not-even-there, you will probably go crazy for these. They do add a bit of subtle shimmer to the lid that can be quite pretty on a nearly-neutral day. I just don’t think it’s worth spending that much for, personally. The only way I’ve found to make them work is as a base under a similar colour of shadow – and they do a decent job of lasting most of the day crease-free. Not all day and into the evening, however. 

I also find the packaging to be irritating – they’re in the same pots as the paint pots only with a plastic cover because they go EVERYWHERE. Their consistency reminds me of Too Faced Shadow Insurance (and their similar cream shadows that I think have been discontinued) – and I found myself wondering why, oh why, didn’t they just put them in a tube? It’s so hard to get the right amount on your finger with this packaging. I also worry that because they’re so very liquidy bacteria will breed more quickly leading to possible eye infections – so using a clean brush or freshly washed and squeaky-clean finger to apply these is a must.

 These are the ones I got. Top left to bottom right: Count Your Assets, Rich Thrills, 
Spread the Wealth, Trophy, Sizzlin’ Diva and Rich, Sweet.

 See what I mean about the lids? Absolute disaster.  
 Top Row

 Bottom Row

If you’ve got money to burn and are curious, by all means give them a go. Just don’t be too disappointed if you’re not quite sure why you bothered.

Packaging: 4.5/5
Product quality: 3/5
Worth the price? Maybe.
Would I purchase again? No.

Cruelty-Free? Yes – appears on PETA’s Cruelty-Free list.

Where to Find It: MAC in store and online.


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