The Body Shop – Shower Gel in Satsuma

29 Apr

This stuff smells like a citrus orchard in a bottle. It’s one of those scents you just want to breathe in and never breathe out again. You need only a little bit because it lathers up like crazy, and the scent will linger on your skin for literally hours after you’re done in the shower – maybe a down side for people who aren’t so crazy about perfumes and scents! But I absolutely love it, and it’s great for this time of year when you’re starting to see summer around the corner! Mmmm-mmmm.

Packaging: 5/5
Product quality: 5/5
Worth the price? Definitely!
Would I purchase again? I have, and might get another backup while I still can since it’s discontinued!
**Update 2/6/11 – Until I have more information on whether this company can truly be called “cruelty-free” (see below) I will not be purchasing anything else from The Body Shop.

Cruelty-Free? Appears on PETA’s Cruelty-Free list, but is a subsidiary of L’Oréal. I am currently making enquiries as to how they can be on the cruelty-free list while their parent company is known to use animal testing.

Where to find it: The Body Shop in store and online


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