Urban Decay – UD Hearts NYC Palette

21 Nov

Eyeshadow colours included (top left to bottom right):
Perversion – Matte B
Uzi – Silver with glitter
Loaded – Dark fo
rest green
Kush – Grass green with glitter
Midnight Cowboy Rides Again – Beige with glitter
Last Call – Burgundy
Rockstar – Dark purpl
Money – Silv
ered green with glitter
Haight – Teal
Mauie Wowie – M
uted gold with glitter
Smog – Bronze
Bordello – D
usty rose with glitter
Radium – Vibrant blue
Snatch – Peachy pink
with glitter
Suspect – Light bronze
Psychedelic Sister – Grape

24/7 Liner included:

Zero – blac
Ransom – Irridescent purple

Urban Decay Primer Potion:
Original mini

I, like most makeup addicts, look forward to Urban Decay’s palette creations and am always excited to see what they’ll come up with next. I think that of the three “Book of Shadows” Urban Decay palettes I have (Book of Shadows Vol. II and Alice in Wonderland), this is my favourite. There are more new shadows in this one that aren’t in any of their other palettes or sold individually, and the colours are more varied. There are a few lovely shades that are easy to wear day or night, including Bordello and Suspect, while more dramatic shades like Radium and Psychedelic Sister are really fun to play with. There are a couple of new shades that I particularly love, as well. Rockstar is a gorgeous dark purple that I cannot get enough of. I also really love Loaded which is a rich, dark green. These are two of the new shades that I’ve never seen before and I think it was worth buying the palette just for them – though of course there’s much more to it!

As far as I know this one is still available at Sephora, so if I were you I’d scoop one up for yourself and any makeup lovers on your Christmas list while you still can, because it’s sure to be gone in the blink of an artistically made-up eye!

Swatches without primer:

Swatches with primer:

Packaging: 4.5/5 (The packaging is cool and eyecatching, but the mirror isn’t useful, neither is the lighted background, and because of how bulky the palette is it’s not at all portable)
Product Quality: 4.5/5 (minus half a point for glitter)
Worth the price? Always.
Would I purchase again? If it were available for more than a couple of weeks before selling out, sure!


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