MAC Paint Pot – Bare Study

21 Nov

Shade Description:
Iced pink neutral with gold shimmer

I love MAC Paint Pots. They are great to use as bases, they don’t crease, they last all day and over time they’ve had a wonderful range of colours. I love that not only can you use a neutral shade the shows a colour true to the pan, but you can also use a different coloured Paint Pot underneath a shadow to subtley or dramatically change the final shade.

Bare Study is the first Paint Pot I purchased, and unfortunately my least favourite. It looks beautiful in the jar, but I found it hard to work with. It doesn’t ever seem to go on evenly and doesn’t layer well. I do have a suspicion, however, that this is partly due to the angle that I’m looking from. It’s quite possible that it looks uneven to me when I’m looking in the mirror, but may seem uniform to someone looking at it from a different perspective, so if you love the shade in the pot, it’s worth playing with. It does swatch beautifully!

Packaging: 5/5 (I’ve had this paint pot for awhile and the container seals airtightly so that it is still the same consistency as when I bought it – no drying or cracking. Just be careful not to drop the container sinc
e it’s glass!)
Product quality: 4/5
Worth the price? That depends if you have a similar problem to the one I had. If not, then sure, it’s a lot of product for not much more than the cost of an eyeshadow.
Would I purchase again? No. I prefer to use one of the easier shades to work with like Painterly or Soft Ochre, or even Fresco Rose.


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