Kat Von D True Romance Eyeshadow Palette – True Love

21 Nov

Eyeshadow colours included (L-R):
Peanut – Bright highlighter
Benji – Bright orange gold (cream shadow)
Rebakah – Warm midtone brown with gold sparkles
Lucifer – Matte black
Cholita – Dirty plum
Shiba – Mauve
Babe – Bright irridescent purple
Missy – Bright white with purple reflects

This is the third Kat Von D palette that I purchased, and to be honest I only bought it because it was on sale on the Sephora website! I’m glad I got it though, and here’s why.

I love purple shadows since my eyes have a hazel tinge to them, and there are three different shades of purple in this palette (Cholita, Shiba and Babe), and a unique shade that looks white in the pan, but actually goes on as a purple irridescence. I absolutely love this one! Lucifer is always a great basic colour that can be used for shading the lashline. Peanut is a gorgeous highlighter colour with intense frost. It reminds me a little of MAC’s Shroom, but more frost. Benji is interesting, it’s very intense, but I’ve had trouble with it because it has already dried out a lot in my palette and is hard to work with. I’m not sure if this is common to all or if I’ve just had bad luck, but either way it’s a problem shade for me.

As mentioned in the Ludwig palette review, though the palettes themselves are awesome and contain REAL mirrors, the brushes are absolutely useless (which is why you generally won’t see them in my photos – I take them out within the first day or two of owning the palette because all they do is fall out and get in the way). So make sure that if you decide to purchase a Kat Von D palette you have decent brushes to apply it with! Overall I’m glad that I bought the palette. Even for full price I still think it would be a pretty sweet deal, but having got it on sale I’m extra pleased with it.

Packaging: 4/5 (minus one for brushes)
Product quality: 4.5/5
Worth the price? Bought on sale, so definitely!
Would I purchase again? I don’t think I’ll use the colours in this often enough that it’ll become a staple and get used up quickly, so it’s doubtful.

Cruelty-Free? Not sure. I’m still looking into it.


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