Urban Decay – Show Pony Palette

18 Nov

Colours included (L-R):
Snatch – Peach w/ glitter
Mildew – Moss green
Flash – Bright purple
Painkiller – Sky blue
Smog – Metallic copper
Toasted – Taupe

24/7 Liner in Zero

I have to admit that I’ve had this palette for awhile now and I haven’t really used it all that much. I like Toasted – it’s a lovely neutral colour – but it doesn’t show up as strongly as I’d like. Smog is a bit better, but still doesn’t live up to how it looks when swatched. Mildew, Flash and Painkiller are all great colours but not for everyday, so I have only used them once or twice. I do think that painkiller would look fantastically dramatic on darker complexions, though! Snatch suffers from that same old Urban Decay downfall – glitter. Oh, how I wish they’d leave it out! If it weren’t for the glitter I’d truly love this colour – it’s a fantastic neutral pink with just a hint of peach that would be great for daytime looks. Most of the colours are also duplicated in other Urban Decay palettes, and almost all of them come with the 24/7 liner in Zero, which is great, but I have about 5 of them lying around now! Overall this is a palette that is great in theory, but for the most part gets forgotten about on my shelf.

Packaging: 4.5/5 (the packaging is bulky for the amount of product, but I love the artwork on it, so it earns back a half point!)
Product Quality: 4/5 (point lost for glitter and staying power)
Worth the price? If you don’t have other palettes with these colours, maybe.
Would I purchase again? No.


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