The Balm – Shady Lady

18 Nov

Colours included (top left to bottom right):
Caught in the A
ct Courtney – Brown w/ very fine gold shimmer (shadow/liner)
Shameless Shana – Bronze
Luscious Lani – Beige/pink
Jealous Jordana
Forest green (shadow/liner)
Risque Renee – Navy blue (shadow/lin
Curvy Cami – Mauve w/very fine shimmer
Jet-Setting Jennifer – Muted gold
All About Alex
Moss green
Easy Wheezie – Denim blue

This palette was the first product I purchased from The Balm. The colours seduced me – there is a great range of colour and they are all shades that can be used for daytime or evening looks. I particularly like Jet-Setting Jennifer, which is a muted dusty gold colour that looks lovely alone with a dark cat-eye or paired with a darker shade in the crease. I don’t have any other colours quite like it.
I haven’t t
ried using any of the shadow/liners as liners, though I find their texture a bit harder to work with as a shadow. They are a very dry matte-like consistency and a bit grainy so that they don’t blend quite as easily as the other, silkier shadows.
The packaging is cute and includes a mirror in the lid for easy touch-ups on the go. The overall quality is good and the shadows wear quite well. All in all I don’t think I’d purchase The Balm shadows individually because of the price-point, but as a palette this is a great deal.

Packaging: 4/5 (still quite large for carrying in a purse)
Product quality: 4/5 (due to the shadow/liner consistency, which isn’t my favourite)
Worth the price? Yes.
Would I purchase again? Probably, though there is a lot of product included so I doubt I’ll ever need to!


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