MAC Photo Realism Quad

17 Nov

Colours included in the quad (top left to bottom right):
Photo Realism – Irridescent gold (F)
Fresh Approach – Light muted green
Image Maker – Greyed moss green (F)
Grey Range – Dark forest green

The colours in this quad are beautiful. The gold is a lovely muted/nude irridescent shade that works well for highlighting the brow bone and inner corner of the eye. Grey Range works well as a crease/lashline shade colour. I like Fresh Approach for a brighter look or for the inner
corner of the lid, whereas Image Maker is more subtle for daytime looks or for the lid colour.
My colouring means that I have to be careful with greens and blues as it’s easy to end up looking like a toddler applied my makeup, but these colours are subtle enough that I can carry them off.

Packaging: 4/5 (I’m not a fan of MAC eyeshadow packaging for those of us who like to de-pot our shadows – I really wish they’d follow Makeup Forever’s example and make lift-out pans!)
Product Quality: 5/5
Worth the price? Always.
Would I purchase again? Probably, though because I don’t tend to wear greens and blues that often, I doubt I’ll need to.


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